This website is an archive of old Warsaw Prison runned soly by Lady Daria 2015 - 2022 .

basic info about poland

Poland is 38 mln country with rich history spread over 14 centuries from early medival times. Poland now days is modern country with skilled and educated workforce . Almost 20% of Poles has higher education - Bachelor, Master or higher. Many international companies outsource to Poland their IT, advertisment, accounting and law departments.

1. Capital
Capital of Poland is Warsaw - fast developing, 2 milions people city. Cultural and busines heart of country. It is also great place for party. During weekends there is a lot of open clubs, pubs. It is a very popular tourist city, with a lot of monuments and museums.

2. Language
Of course, our national language is Polish, but around 50% below Poles in age <35 y speaks quite fluent English. Around 25% speaks on basic level. So you need not fear that you can't get along with an employee of the bank, waiter in a restaurant or taxi driver.

3. Currency
Polish currency is "zloty". Poland has one of the best banking and payments networks in Europe - in most shops you can easily pay with VISA and Mastercard. Cashmachines are almost at every corner, near banks, gas stations, shops. You can easily withdraw "zloty" if needed.

4. Papers
Poland is member of Europeen Union and NATO and it is in the Schengen area, so if you are an EU citizen you need only identity card to cross the border. However, due to the difficult and unpredictable situation in Europe I suggest to take also a passport, especially if you're flying by plane to the Poland. People from outside the EU must absolutely have a passport, if they want to enter into the EU and to move freely between countries.

5. Cuisine
Polish cuisine is not easily digestible cuisine. Most of the dishes is highly caloric, but above all very tasty. Polish cuisine is rich in meat and flour cooked in many ways (e.g. bigos, gołąbki or pierogi). In addition, Polish cuisine is famous for its breads and delicious sausages. And our beer and vodka probably don't need additional advertising.

6. Temperatures
Tempratures in Poland greatly depend on seasons. It is really hot in late spring and summer 25C to 35C. Quite cold in early spring and autumn around 5C to 15C. Cold in winter -15C to -5C.

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