This website is an archive of old Warsaw Prison runned soly by Lady Daria 2015 - 2022 .

preparing for prison

mobile phone, computer

If you come to my prison and you have with you such things as mobile phone, tablet or computer, you give it all to me - Warden of Warsaw Prison. This is stored in a safe place and returned to you at the end of your stay. The computer has to be turned off, and the phone at least muted and off vibration.

I understand the situation, when you have to contact from personal reasons with the outside world. You need to tell me about it before your arrival. If you do it - I will give you your phone at scheduled times for a certain time and then I will take you phone away.

I don't allow, that during sitting in prison cell you will use freely the computer or the Internet in the mobile phone.

flying from north america?

You can easily get directly from Toronto, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles in 8-12h for 500$ both ways!
tips on flying from ca and usa

new room is here!

Finally, a long awaited room is ready - 30 sqm and 3,7 m height space. It offers a very uniqe speciality - vertical suspension! You can see how it looks in pictures.

new recomendation

I recently begin to cooparate with the StraitJacket Shop. The range of accessories for bondage is wide (e.g. masks, armbinders, strait jackets), and quality is high. I strongly recommend shopping in this store.