This website is an archive of old Warsaw Prison runned soly by Lady Daria 2015 - 2022 .

prison basic practices

discipline & training

Discipline is one of the basic elements of your stay in Warsaw Prison. It will accompany you from crossing the doorstep of my Warsaw Prison until the end of your stay.

You will learn to correctly follow instructions, positions, gait and other behaviors, that we believe will be necessary to make a real prisoner of you.

Discipline is always combined with control. What will be taught, will be exact and mistakes strictly punished. You never know when you will hear a command to do something, position or gesture, so you always have to be focused. Our goal will be so strong to instil those principles into your brain, until your reactions to our commands were immediate. You will without thinking, and we have hope - flawlessly, do what we order you.

Of course you are in prison, so expect discipline in relation to this convention. You will not experience here neither dog training nor pony training, but military drill will haunt you even in a dream.

flying from north america?

You can easily get directly from Toronto, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles in 8-12h for 500$ both ways!
tips on flying from ca and usa

new room is here!

Finally, a long awaited room is ready - 30 sqm and 3,7 m height space. It offers a very uniqe speciality - vertical suspension! You can see how it looks in pictures.

new recomendation

I recently begin to cooparate with the StraitJacket Shop. The range of accessories for bondage is wide (e.g. masks, armbinders, strait jackets), and quality is high. I strongly recommend shopping in this store.